Walk for a Dog

Recently, I started volunteering at Dupage Animal Care and Control in Wheaton. The position that I signed up for is weekly dog walking and socialization. I thought this would be a great way to give back to the people and animals in the community and be active while doing so, and so far, it has been just that.  

Walk for a Dog

In a Facebook group that is set up for the volunteers, I learned about the Walk for a Dog app. The app donates to the animal organization of your choice based on your activity. Activity that is included is walking or running outside – with or without your dog (because you don’t have to have a dog in order to participate even though it might seem like that at first glance), and walking or running on the treadmill or using the stationary bike inside as long as your smartphone is on you and able to track your activity.

In order for the organization that you selected to actually receive donations on your behalf, you have to be what they consider an “active walker.” An active walker is anyone that uses the app and average of once a week.  So remember to actually use the app each time that it can track your activity. And if you don’t have a particular organization that you are already affiliated with, it would be so wonderful if you chose Dupage Animal Care and Control.

Using this app seems like a bit of a no brainer to me since it is for such a great cause and is extra motivation for you to stay on track with your health and fitness goals.  

If you get signed up and start using it, I’d love to know!