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About Coach Mel

I'm a former business professional (international import and export transportation) living in the fitness world.

I have a husband and Frenchie fur child that I love beyond measure. You can find us at our home near downtown Glen Ellyn.

My original degree was an MBA with an international emphasis, however, I went back to the National Personal Training Institute in 2013 to become a personal trainer.  Since then, I've continued to obtain leading certifications since then in order to stay on top of the latest in the industry and bring the most effective information and strategies  available to my clients.

My mission is to help busy individuals. realize their full health and wellness potential, which consequently parlays over to all other areas of their lives, and in turn allow them to live their best lives.

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About Fit Resolution

Crazy diets and workout plans do not work over the long run, which is why we focus on habit based nutrition and well-programmed, periodized fitness training. We like to keep things simple, fun, and light-hearted, yet very effective. Ultimately, at Fit Resolution, we are in the business of getting and keeping you fit for life.


Fit Resolution - Get Fit for Life

Live your best life.